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Carrol Boyes

Carrol Boyes is the founder, creator and CEO of the Carrol Boyes Enterprise. Artist, designer, entrepreneur and successful business woman, Carrol Boyes is recognized as an icon in the South African Design Industry. Strong branding, a passion and commitment to South African design and ongoing investment in human resources ensures the continued success of the Company. CARROL BOYES AWARDS: 2008 SA's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Category: Arts & Culture 2008 Rapport / City Press Prestige Women's Awards Category: Phenomenal Women 2005 TUKS Alumni Board's Laureate Award 2004 Top Women in Business and Government Category: Top Women Owned Company 2004 SASSDA Stainless Steel Awards Runner-up: Products Category.


Madeleine Morgan

With nature as her 'muse' from a young age, it was taken for granted that her future career would surely follow an artistic design path. After qualifying in Industrial Design at CPUT in 2004, Madi joined the company and soon made her mark. With five of her own designs in the 'New Leaf' range under her belt and a few more brand new styles pending, Madi says she is at her happiest getting her hands dirty and working on new designs. 'I find it extremely satisfying sculpting a design by hand, seeing it through its production stages and finally seeing it complete and shining, on display in a world renowned store!' Besides sketching, designing, reading and spending quality time with her family and friends, Madi has recently taken up ceramics.


 Andrèa Fedder

After qualifying with distinction in Motion Picture Production Design from City Varsity (2007) with Merit awards for Art direction and Theory and research, Andrèa fed her other creative hungers with training in photography, creative writing and Spanish. She joined the Carrol Boyes creative team in 2008 and is currently working as a prototype restoration artist and designer. All her inspiration is drawn from nature's intrinsic perfection and simplicity and she is most grateful to be able to give back to the oceans through her 'Kelp' range. In her free time she runs the beaches with her two Golden Retrievers, practices Ashtanga yoga and goes dancing as often as possible. Painting is her biggest love, but cooking and writing comes a close second! She holds a strong belief in freedom and education, but also says jokingly to never underestimate the power of colour and communication!


 Anton Combrink  

A Pattern Maker by trade and involved in Moulding, Pattern Making, Castings and Design since 1990, Anton worked first at the Company's Manufacturing Facility in Northern Province before transferring to the Head Office in Cape Town. This quiet, unassuming man is both multi-skilled and talented! Besides his obvious "hands on" involvement in prototype design and development he is also passionate about his family, art, sculpture and painting, and ancient Aztec history and architecture. With his friendly smile and positive outlook on life, Anton is a calming influence in a "busy and creatively swirling atmosphere"! A little bird mentioned that Anton has a lovely singing voice and is a regular member of the Church Choir. And if really prevailed upon elsewhere, would agree to sing "a duet" with his wife!  


 Holly Birkby  

Holly Birkby admires design which is elegant, efficient and sustainable, but also has a soft spot for raucous kitsch and spangly tat. She has worked as a jeweller, artist and lecturer as well as in the foundry, floristry and film industries.  She finds inspiration in popular culture, the natural world, mythology and traditional crafts and is interested in the balance between theatricality and simplicity,  functionality and mystery. 


 Jacobus Geeringh 

This is a man of many hats!
A trained and experienced Jewellery Designer, Kobus, as he prefers to be called, is also a production manager at our Manufacturing Facility in Letsitele , Northern Province. 
Very much a "hands on" guy, his chief responsibility is the assembling (welding, bending, soldering, gluing and so forth ) of all the various components that make up the final product. 
As designer, Kobus markets his Jewellery range for Carrol Boyes, under  the KC Design Label .
Family man, golf player, enthusiastic rugby and cricket supporter, Kobus still finds time to play around with design ideas and he says he thoroughly enjoys the challenge of "making something new from nothing". One of his maxims  is "with art, your mind can free flow and there are no limits".


 Jinx Shaw 

Jinx Shaw is a mixed media artist and artisan. She works mainly in wood, leather, ceramics, metal, fabric, paint and dye and has designed and produced theatre costumes, accessories, sets, props, shop fittings, homeware and furniture. She is also a ceramics teacher and manager at Carrol Boyes. She has exhibited internationally in Europe, America and Africa. Her individual style which integrates the ancient with the contemporary draws its inspiration from the living form, specifically from her home in Africa. The marrying of contrasts, bold and refined, black and white, raw form and intense detail is skilfully handcrafted, convinced that it is also time which allows for beauty to emerge.  


 Leigh Gordon

Random words that encompass part of who I am and what interests me:
...day dream, design, drawing, sculpting, forms, shape, texture, space, metal
...fitting & turning, jewelry design, technology, metallurgy, mineralogy, gemology
...natural laws, golden ratio, Fibonacci, chaos theory, sociology
...photography, painting, hiking, biking, feeling, absorbing and just being...
Graduate of Ruth Prowse School of Art 2007


 Martine Jackson

Martine is the creative co-director of the Carrol Boyes brand. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with an honours degree in Fine Arts. Her role has been overseeing visual branding and marketing as well as designing products for the range. She is, primarily, an acclaimed artist in her own right.  Her work has appeared in shows both locally and abroad. Ceramics remains a great passion for Martine. Distinctive organic shapes adorned with repetitive patterns are the hallmark of her one-of-a-kind, hand-built ceramic pieces. This is reflected in 'Curve', her debut ceramic range for the company. She draws inspiration from nature - the earth with its myriad textures, contours and organic patterns. 'Splash', her second collection, is an elegant range of stainless steel tableware.


 Sarah Aitchison

Symmetry in motion! With a background in Motion Picture Production Design and with further qualifications in Motion Picture Make-Up and Fashion Design, young and charming Sarah obviously has a good feel for shape, colour and form. Sarah joined the company in 2008 and her studies and work experiences have given her particular skills which include casting, sculpting and miniature set construction. She is very much a "hands on" member of the prototype developing and design team. Imaginative, creative, impulsive and compassionate, Sarah confesses "I have a fetish for stones and an undying belief in fairytales" and on the practical side of her personality, she would love "to run a mobile animal clinic".


 Shona Martin

Prototype and restoration artist and resident designer, Shona Martin has been an integral part of the team since 2008. Easy going and ambitious - she has an array of talents and interests that portray her essence. Having studied Make-up and Motion Picture Production Design at City Varsity (2007) she has since broadened her interests to include Painting, Décor, Jewellery and Fiber Art. Many of her inspirations come from Indian and Bohemian designs and other earthy, organic influences. Wherever possible, Shona implements green ethics and sustainable living. Frequent beach walks, yoga and dancing calm her soul and unusual photographic excursions stimulate her mind.