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Beware of Imitation Products

Please be aware that it has been brought to our attention that there are many items circulating in the market being passed-off as Carrol Boyes products. These inferior copies are being sold at greatly reduced prices and have also been offered in several large well known chain stores in South Africa. 

Carrol Boyes is a proudly South African designer.
We have a policy of zero tolerance towards those who copy or pass-off our designs as their original products or retail these copies without our permission. We strongly object to any organization or entity profiting from our efforts, experience and design. We will take strong action against anyone illegally infringing our intellectual property rights, whether a retail store, internet site or any unauthorized third party.

We are in the process of investigating as well as proceeding both nationally and internationally against any transgressors and will use all remedies available to us to prevent the unlawful infringement of our intellectual property rights and of products being passed off as Carrol Boyes products from being sold.

Please note that these copies may not be lead free. The presence of lead in food related products can be fatal. All genuine Carrol Boyes products are certified lead free.

In the event you have purchased such a product please return it to the retailer, demand a refund and notify our offices at
jinx@cbfa.co.za .

We strongly recommend that you only purchase Carrol Boyes products from dedicated Carrol Boyes Retail Stores or official stockists which you can find on the Carrol Boyes website -

Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd.
Address: 43 Rose Street, Cape Town, South Africa, 8001
Telephone: +27 21 424 8263